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 h2 Empower empowers people by:

  • Providing access to knowledge and improving literacy skills
  • Supplying books and technology, classrooms and water
  • Improving girls education and literacy
  • Training teachers and community members
  • Connecting people and organizations with the purpose of enriching lives
  • Working with communities to develop sustainable solutions to community problems

Our Vision 

h2 Empower aspires to empower the lives we touch through supporting access to high quality education for all, helping communities develop sustainable improvement in quality of life and increasing connectivity to the global community so that all individuals can reach their highest potential for their families and our greater society.

Our Methodology

h² Empower is currently working in Ethiopia and Burundi to build sustainable systems so that communities will have increased  knowledge, skills, income, heath and additional resources for today and tomorrow. Our model is to support one community on many levels and to develop sustainable structures rather than give funds, build something and then move on. It takes time and the coordinated efforts of many people to make long-term lasting change. We intend to help empower the people, building community efforts to improve their standard of living for themselves and their children’s future.

Our Accomplishments

h2 Empower has successfully engaged in Ethiopia:

  • Training of teachers and increasing access to information, promoting global minded education 
  • Building, developing, and supplying libraries
  • Sending books, multimedia and new footballs, improving access to new knowledge and fun
  • Improving health education, technology training, and life skill programming
  • Providing water to a rural community along with toilets in rural public schools
  • Building new classrooms to decrease class size
  • Supporting girls education and training adults to create positive environments for all children
  • Promoting Permaculture gardens in urban and rural settings for food security and water and labor saving technques
  • Creating adult literacy and education programs

h2 Empower has successfully engaged in Burundi:

  • Providing micro-loans and scholarships
  • Creating adult literacy and education programs


One Woman's Journey to Ethiopia from H 2 Empower on Vimeo.

Glimpse what it is like to travel to Ethiopia with h² Empower. Check out this personal video created by Dr. Flor Calero, to see one woman's journey to Ethiopia with our founder, Helen Boxwill.