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What You Can Do: Volunteer

We at h² Empower welcome volunteers to help us spread the word of our mission to aid education in Africa. There are so many ways you can volunteer your services. We welcome your creativity, so email us with some of your ideas at hboxwill@h²

Here are some ways you can help us:

  • Help us in the office, marketing, research and more
  • Plan a Fundraiser 
  • Plan a Read-a-Thon
  • Plan and implement activities for libraries and schools to support literacy
  • Conduct Internet research on our behalf: funding prospects, comparable organizations, etc
  • Refer us to people who would benefit from our newsletter
  • Make a gift donation in honor of a friend or family member
  • If you are a member of an organization that publishes a newsletter, ask to include information about our efforts at h² Empower
  • Be creative at the office. Ask your employers about a gift-matching donations program
  • Volunteer in Ethiopia. Would you like to take a trip to Ethiopia? We can provide a volunteer program as well as an Ethiopian tour. To inquire about this opportunity, email us at hboxwill@h²



Please answer the following questions and submit this form to us. After we have received your volunteer information, we will call you to discuss ways in which you can work with h² Empower. Please be patient; it may take some time. We welcome your involvement and look forward to working with you.



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How did you learn about h² Empower?

Why do you want to volunteer with us?

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