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Sustainable Development

Creating a wellh² Empower works with the people in Ethiopia, to empower them to improve their environment and their standard of living. In partnership with the Hosanna Town Water Authority and another NGO, WaterAid, we have brought water to a school of 2,600 children in the outskirts of Hosanna and the people living around the school. For the first time there will be water for the children to drink, water in the science laboratory, for a garden, and toilets. We have built a small well for agricultural purposes and worked with the vocational college there, developing a solar oven for solar cooking.

h² Empower is working to link members of the Hadiya Development Corporation in Hossana to provide increased services and programs for the 3 million people in the zone. We hope to develop new areas of employment, job training, increase adult literacy, and increase use of solar technology.

Contact us at if you have interest in joining in this effort or if you have ideas to share.