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Our Programs: Sending Books to Ethiopia

Delivering books in EthiopiaHow can a young person learn about the world around them? One primary way is through BOOKS. Imagine a college with not one book in the library?  Imagine a school for 4,500 children with 10 books? Imagine never having textbooks to study from through all your years in school?

Since 2003, h² Empower has sent 90,000 books to schools throughout Ethiopia….

  • Professional, academic and reference books have been sent to four Teacher Training Colleges and one Vocational College in Ethiopia. This has enabled future teachers to research and expand their knowledge of both English and the subject areas they are studying. 
  • Books have been sent to 30 primary schools serving a total of 60,000 students. Kindergarten is taught only in private schools.  Seven private schools have received books for all grades. 
  • One school, which serves a tribe of people who have never been allowed to go to school, was completely outfitted with English and Mathematics textbooks and supplemental reading material through a joint project with h² Empowerand teachers from Holland.
  • Science textbooks were sent to a new health science college in Hosanna along with books for a public library and a secondary school.
  • Medical books were sent to a hospital library so that doctors and staff would have access to the latest information and the resources could be used for training.
  • 25 Secondary schools, including those in remote areas of the county, were given books to start or supplement a library program.
  • 10,000 books fill the new community library in Hosanna.
  • Schools created or developed their school libraries with these donations.

We have sent many types of books – encyclopedias, reference books like dictionaries, almanacs, science books, novels, children’s picture books, poetry, nonfiction, art and music books.  We send the books to schools based on the needs of the school and the type of book donated. Students in this region are taught English from first grade onward. All state exams are in English, therefore improving their English vocabulary, comprehension and grammar is essential for these students.

These books will expand the horizons of all the students and help improve the quality of education in the area. We will continue to provide training for teachers, librarians, and community members so that everyone can get the most of these resources. 

Imagine not having books to read. Imagine not having access to current information. We are opening the world up to the people of this area.


books arrived at Hosanna Development Corporation for distribution