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Our Story

I2003-2004 Helen Boxwill spent the year as a volunteer with IFESH (the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help) instructing college teachers in a Teacher Training College in Hosanna, Ethiopia, a rural agricultural community in southern Ethiopia. During that year, she had friends send books which led to the distribution of 4,000 pounds of books, in the English language, to the Teacher Training College and local schools. Primary school teachers were given workshops on how to use the books in their classroom and a library was set up in the college. Plans were made to fund a school library in the largest primary school, Alemu Woldehanna Primary School, in Hosanna serving 4,000 children. Eventually the parents contributed 180,000 Birr ($6,380 US) despite their extreme level of poverty. 

Since 2003, h² Empower has sent 90,000 books to Ethiopia and built a community library in Hosanna, Ethiopia. We have trained 500 primary school teachers in the area and work with government and private organizations to gather additional resources. We empower female students and teachers so that girls can succeed in school. We have an organization on the ground to support the library as a community center and to train teachers and students to use the library as a learning tool.  Our yearly visits have expanded to bringing professionals with expertise to improve teacher training to the site and helping to develop systems for sustainability to schools, the orphanage, women and local community groups. We have also provided water to a school and its neighbors along with toilets and water for science labs. We are building classrooms in a deeply rural school being constructed by parents, which will cut the shcool class size in half from 98 to 44.

h² Empower was incorporated in 2006 and continues to expand its impact. Please help us accomplish our goals. Donate and volunteer now and be a part of our efforts to inspire and transform lives.