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Female Empowerment

Female Student Teachers in an Empowerment Workshop

h² Empower knows, if you educate a girl you improve a nation. h² Empower is supporting girls education and training teachers, both male and female, to encourage and support girls to succeed in school. We plan to develop girl's education programs using technology for income generation and to improve academic success.

h² Empower is also working with women in the Hosanna area to improve self confidence and life skills. We will link women's groups with other agencies to help women develop skills, achieve an education, and promote their goods and services through increased marketability and knowledge. 

h² Empower is supporting a women's literacy project in Bujumbura Burundi, where 60 illiterate women who are involved in a microloan project are finally getting an education so they can read, write, do math for their small businesses to help their families and improve their lives. We have also facilitated expansion of the microloan project.

One Woman's Journey to Ethiopia from H 2 Empower on Vimeo.

Glimpse what it is like to travel to Ethiopia with h² Empower. Check out this personal video created by Flor Calero, to see one woman's journey to Ethiopia.