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Why Ethiopia

Everyone asks me, ” how did you get involved in this project and in Ethiopia”. So this seems to be a good place to start. A long time ago, 1967 to be exact, I was accepted to go to the Peace Corps to teach English in Ethiopia. For a number of reasons I did not go. But all through my life I was wondering what I missed, what would I have done and what was it like there? Fast forward to 2003. I decided to retire and by chance (?) was looking at the New York Times. I saw an ad for a Teachers For Africa Program and I applied. In the spring I received a call from the President of IFESH (International Foundation For Education and Self Help), Dr. Julie Sullivan. She asked if I wanted to go to Ethiopia. It was like being struck by lightning. Immediately I figured I was supposed to go to Ethiopia. Naturally, I agreed. The rest is simple. I went for the year through IFESH, assigned to do Teacher Training in Hosanna in the southern region and I feel in love. I loved the people, the beautiful farming area, the work of improving the education system for the children and teachers there. I met so many wonderful people and the children were so open and eager to learn, I was instantly hooked. 



Welcome to h2 Empower's new blog. I will be sharing news and views about life in Ethiopia. I hope you can experience life their even a little by comments and pictures and news. My experiences there were life changing and everytime I bring others there, they feel the same. The  people are so welcoming and open. So now I welcome you to our blog.

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