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A Voice of Youth!

This poem was written and presented by an 8th grade boy from a remote school. He wrote it and read it in English which is an incredible achievement. 

Look, what went wrong!
The youth, Wake Up.
Work for the future.
Today is not the past.
The future needs you.
You need to make a difference.
The Youth, Wake up.

Buildings and roads have
Replaced the green
Fight erosion and dust.
Air and water pollution.
On, the desert, dry and dusty
Hot and dry, day and night.
The Youth, Wake Up!

What went wrong!
Marriage so early
Edcation so late.
Deforesetation too fast.
You can change the future.
The  Youth, Wake Up.


This boy's mother has died. His father is a poor farmer and he has 5 siblings. His small village is too far from high school. He needs to live in a town with a high school and this takes some funds which the family doesn't have. For $200 a year you can sponsor this youth to attend high school in the town. Consider sponsoring this bright boy.  He could have a very bright future. You can make a huge difference in his life.


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